Vaccinate Your Pet at Wooded Acres Animal Hospital in Middle Island

You love your pet. It’s obvious. You show it through the treats and exercise and playtime you generously provide, and the hugs and kisses you’re not hesitant to dole out. There’s another, more basic way of showing your devotion to your dog, cat, or other household pet. Vaccinate your furry friend as soon as possible.


Vaccinate to Protect

Vaccines save lives. It’s that simple.

That’s why we’re eager to see your animal at Wooded Acres Animal Hospital in Middle Island. Among our full range veterinary services, we provide vaccines against bacterial and viral infections that can cause extreme discomfort, permanent damage, and even cut the lifespan of your beloved pet.

In addition to being the right thing to do, some vaccinations are mandatory here and in most places across the country.  

How They Work

Vaccines mildly stimulate the immune systems of your animals in order to provide resistance against illnesses that can be all too common without vaccination. The vaccines will not give your animal the disease, but will only provide safety against the threat.

Only after we’ve met with you, seen your pet, and asked important questions on issues such as your pet’s age, lifestyle, and medical history will we establish a vaccination schedule. We’ll be glad to first explain every vaccine recommendation we make and answer all of your questions.

What Your Pet’s Vaccinations Will Protect Against

Here are the core elements of a schedule of vaccines for your pet. Your veterinarian might also recommend non-core vaccinations, depending upon your furry friend’s environment and daily habits.

Vaccines for dogs:

Rabies – There’s no cure for this always-fatal disease if your dog is bitten by an infected animal once symptoms present, but vaccinated pets won’t contract rabies.

Distemper – This airborne illness can cause serious injury, including permanent brain damage.

Parvovirus – This highly contagious viral infection causes bloody diarrhea and severe vomiting in dogs. It’s usually fatal if not treated.

Adenovirus Type 1 – This form of canine hepatitis can cause liver damage fatality.

Adenovirus Type 2 – Also know as kennel cough, this illness causes discomfort.

Vaccines for cats:


Feline distemper

Feline herpesvirus – The contagious virus known as FVR causes a serious upper respiratory condition in cats.

Calicivirus – Another serious respiratory condition, calicivirus can cause joint pain, mouth ulcers, extreme weight loss, and discomfort.

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For loving and dependable pet care, you can count on the veterinary professionals at Wooded Hills Animal Hospital in Middle Island. We’d love to meet you and your beloved pet and start a schedule of life-enhancing vaccines and veterinary care today.

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  • "We have two cats and we have been taking them to wooded acres for few years and never had a problem. We even boarded them for a week when we went to florida to visit my son. Our cats are always treated very well when they are there. The doctors and the staff are excellent. I would recommend this animal hospital to anyone because they do there job and they care about your babies."
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