Wooded Acres Animal Hospital Offers Diagnostics for Pet Health

Veterinarians are highly trained professionals that can detect changes in an animal’s body and behavior that could indicate illness or injury. Diagnostics testing helps to confirm what the vet may suspect and allows them to provide faster treatment. At Wooded Acres Animal Hospital in Middle Island, NY, we offer veterinary diagnostics services to help us ensure your pet’s health.

Wooded Acres Animal Hospital Offers Diagnostics for Pet Health


Veterinarians have used x-rays to help diagnose health problems in animals for many decades. This technology provides an image of the hard structures inside the body, such as broken bones, joint disorders, ingested foreign objects and tumors that affect function. Once diagnosed, the vet can then use the image as a guide to perform surgery or other procedures.


Sonography has become a widely used technology to help veterinarians diagnose health problems in their patients. The public is familiar with ultrasounds used to monitor the human fetus inside the womb. They may not be aware that this same technology can help vets find a wide variety of health problems in pets. Heart disease, kidney problems, orthopedic issues, and cancers can all be monitored with the use of ultrasound, in addition to helping with reproductive care.

Laboratory Tests

Your vet in Middle Island is able to perform many tests in the office, to help provide a fast and accurate diagnosis. These tests provide important information about the function of internal organs, even though there may not be any obvious sign of illness or injury. When your Middle Island vet takes blood from your pet, the test results can tell about heart function, kidney problems or liver disorders. The tests can detect diabetes or infection in the body. They can indicate hormone disorders that affect general health and function. Fecal tests can find intestinal parasites or bleeding in the gastrointestinal system. Urinalysis can detect urinary tract and kidney infections. Cytology, which is tissue examination under a microscope, can help to detect cancers and other growths, so your pet can receive the right treatment for their needs.

Make Wooded Acres Animal Hospital Your Veterinarian in Middle Island

Our staff has extensive training in veterinary medicine, which they use to provide full-service care for their patients in Middle Island, NY and nearby communities. We offer exams, vaccinations, dental care, preventative care, surgery, laser therapy, and senior pet care. Call Wooded Acres Animal Hospital today at (631) 205-0512 for an appointment to have your pet examined and to learn about the many ways we use diagnostics to improve pet health.


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  • "We have two cats and we have been taking them to wooded acres for few years and never had a problem. We even boarded them for a week when we went to florida to visit my son. Our cats are always treated very well when they are there. The doctors and the staff are excellent. I would recommend this animal hospital to anyone because they do there job and they care about your babies."
    Mary Ellen Monaco
  • "Best animal vet I’ve ever been too"
    Samantha Beth Vogel