Pet Examinations

An important part of taking care of a cat or dog is having comprehensive examinations conducted to check on their health. If you live in the 11953 zip code area, contact Wooded Acres Animal Hospital in Middle Island, NY, to make an appointment with our veterinarian for your pet. Our animal hospital provides veterinary care of all kinds of pets. Here is some information about what you can expect during an examination.

exam Provide Our Vet with Medical Information

If your pet was seen by another veterinary practice in the past, bring any documentation provided to you for our veterinarian to look over before an examination is conducted. This will give our vet an idea about medical problems your pet has suffered from in the past and any treatment that they were provided to remedy these conditions. Jot down any symptoms that your pet has been displaying as well.

Your Pet Will Be Checked From Head to Tail

A cat or dog will first be weighed and their temperature will be taken to make sure it is in the normal range. Our veterinarian will check your pet's eyes for signs of an infection, the interior of their ears for the presence of mites or redness, and their teeth for decay or broken portions. Their body will be felt for abnormalities. Our vet will listen to your pet's heart and lungs. They will also examine the skin closely to check for signs of an allergy or rash. If any problems are discovered treatment options will be discussed with you. In some cases, medication may be necessary to remedy any conditions discovered.

Preventative Measures Will Be Recommended

Our vet will provide you with information about immunizations so you are aware of the many medical difficulties your pet could encounter throughout its life. If your pet is healthy, vaccinations may be administered right away to protect your pet from harmful medical conditions. Our vet will also discuss the importance of having your dog or cat spayed or neutered if they have not already been altered. Our veterinarian also provides microchipping to give your pet a better chance of being reunited with you should it happen to become lost. Parasite prevention will also be provided to keep your pet free of fleas, ticks, heartworm, roundworm, or tapeworm. If you have any questions about preventative measures, our veterinarian will address your concerns during your dog or cat's comprehensive examination.

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Wooded Acres Animal Hospital in Middle Island provides veterinary care for pets located in the 11953 area. Reach out to our practice today by calling us at (631) 205-0512 to find out more about the services we offer or to make an appointment for a comprehensive examination.


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  • "We have two cats and we have been taking them to wooded acres for few years and never had a problem. We even boarded them for a week when we went to florida to visit my son. Our cats are always treated very well when they are there. The doctors and the staff are excellent. I would recommend this animal hospital to anyone because they do there job and they care about your babies."
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