Pet Dental Care

The Importance of Pet Dental Care

We all know the importance of good dental health, but we may not always think about how important it is for our pets as well. If you are in the Middle Island area, Wooded Acres Animal Hospital can help you to get the best care for your pet and their teeth.


Why is Dental Care Important?

Your pet eats foods that are hard, wet, and that can cause decay. Your pet may even eat rocks and other objects found outside they should not be eating that can damage their teeth. While brushing your pet’s teeth can help to improve overall pet dental care, it can also be difficult. Caring for your pet’s teeth is essential and even if you are not able to brush their teeth every day, routine pet dental care at the vet can do wonders.

Dental care for pets is essential for a few reasons, for starters, it does help to make sure that your pet does not have decay and pain in their mouth. Decaying dental health can cause heart issues, infection, it can tooth loss, and it can cause pain overall. The pain will make it hard for your pet to eat and to live their lives. Routine cleaning at the veterinarian can help to remove build-up and plaque that causes decay and can help your pets keep their teeth longer.

What is Pet Dental Care?

Dental care for your pet may include a normal cleaning that should take place at least once a year. Depending on how clean your pet’s teeth are, your pet may not need to be sedated for the procedure. For larger animals or for those animals that are suffering from very dirty teeth or that might need an extraction, it is often best to have them sedated. We can sedate a pet to deep clean their teeth which will make sure the cleaning goes smoothing and without duress or stress.

With a professional cleaning at our veterinary office, your pet is going to get the best attention. Our vet can prescribe antibiotics if your pet has infected teeth, can take care of any extractions cleaning, and make note of any areas of concern that may need to be taken care of later on. With a pet that receives regular cleanings, they will be able to keep eating hard foods, keep their teeth longer, and avoid the pain of poor dental health.

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