Pet Wellness Exam

As a Middle Island NY pet owner, you want to give your best buddy a wonderful life filled with health and happiness. One way to ensure this is with regular pet exams. Wooded Acres Animal Hospital offers wellness exams to help keep your pet’s health on track. Routine wellness exams are a vital part of pet care that should not be ignored. Below you will find out the benefits provided from regular pet exams, and why you should schedule one at an animal hospital near me as soon as possible. 


Benefits of Routine Pet Exams

When a veterinarian near me sees your pet regularly, it will go a long way towards avoiding a wide array of preventable diseases and illnesses. In addition, this will help to prevent pain that your furry friend could experience from treatable or preventable issues. Routine wellness exams are also an important part of flea management, as our veterinarian can prescribe flea medication that protects them from not only fleas but ticks and heartworms as well.  

What Occurs During Wellness Exams

During a wellness exam, your veterinarian will screen for various diseases and illnesses as well as ensure your pet is maintaining a healthy weight, is up-to-date on all their vaccinations, and is healthy overall. This will require regular bloodwork, which is typically done once per year, and fecal samples. Heartworm tests should also be done every year to help ensure your pet is free from this deadly parasite.

Along with the above, the vet will check your pet’s gait and stance for any irregularities, listen to their lungs and heart, inspect their coat, check their eyes and ears, inspect their muscles and joints, and feel their abdomen. You can also discuss any concerns you may have, as well as receive advice from the doctor about food options for your pet. 

Scheduling Wellness Exams

It is best to find a trusted veterinarian near me when your pet is still young, or when you first adopt your new fur baby. This will let your pet and the veterinarian become accustomed to one another. When our veterinarian is familiar with your pet, it makes it easier for them to monitor for any potential issues since they will have a detailed history of your pet’s health.

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