• Cat and Kitten Vaccinations
    Vaccinations are a crucial part of preventative healthcare for cats and kittens. Just like humans, cats are susceptible to a variety of infectious diseases that can cause serious illness and Read more
  • How to Prevent Pet Eye Infections
    How to Prevent Pet Eye Infections Pet eye infections cause many uncomfortable symptoms and can lead to significant health concerns that put your pet’s vision at risk. Responsible pet ownership involves Read more
  • Tips for New Kitten Parents
    Tips for New Kitten Owners If you recently acquired a kitten to care for, you need to know how to properly care for him so he remains in the best of Read more
  • Tips for New Puppy Owners
    Tips for New Puppy Owners If you recently acquired or adopted a new puppy, it is important that he or she is groomed regularly, trained properly, and receives the necessary care. Read more
  • Road trips with your pet
    Road Trips With Your Pet Bringing your pet along on a road trip offers companionship and a chance to bond. However, when you're planning to travel during the summer, it's essential Read more
  • Nutrition for your pet
    Pet Nutrition Several people assume pet food in the store is perfectly balanced and suitable for animals. Much pet food marketing says exactly that or something along those lines. In reality, Read more
  • Fireworks and Pets
    Fireworks, Pets, and Pet Safety  Pets aren't the same kind of fans of fireworks on holidays that humans are. To them, it's just scary and dangerous. When you're going to be Read more
  • What you need to know about Spay and Neuter?
    What You Need to Know about Spay and Neuter Surgery Spay/neuter surgery is a decision every pet owner has to make at some point in time. If you’re new to pet Read more
  • What to Expect from Your Puppy or Kittens First Exam
    Give Your Pet A Healthy Start With Proper Puppy Care or Kitten Care Your young, new pet is furry, squirmy, and adorable. These lovable mammals become a member of the family Read more
  • These Common Items Are Household Poisons to Dogs
    Wooded Acres Animal Hospital sees many pets exposed to household poisons every year. In addition, dogs frequently get into items pet owners don't realize could be toxic. As a result, Read more
  • The Importance of Pet Vaccinations
    Vaccinations can safeguard your pet against ailments or revamp fast recovery from illnesses. Vaccines induce the disease-fighting mechanism (immunity) in pets and prepare them to combat future diseases. Sometimes, it can Read more
  • Importance of Pet Dental Care
    Did you know that nearly 80% of dogs and cats experience dental issues by the time they reach three years old? Fortunately, at Wooded Acres Animal Hospital, we can help Read more
  • How to Prevent Pet Eye Infections
    If you notice eye redness, discharge, or swelling in your pet’s eyes, he or she may be suffering from an eye infection. Pet eye infections are painful and uncomfortable and Read more
  • The Importance of Pet Microchipping
    Have you ever lost something important? Now wonder how you would feel if you ever lost your pet. You may never find out what happened to your pet or discover Read more
  • Importance of Spaying and Neutering Your Pet
    When a pet undergoes a spay or neuter operation, it means that a pet is no longer able to make babies. There are many reasons to get your pet neutered Read more
  • Tips for Trimming Your Cat's Nails at Home
    At Wooded Acres Animal Hospital in Middle Island, NY, we understand that it isn't always easy to take care of your cat. If you have been trying to trim your Read more


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  • "We have two cats and we have been taking them to wooded acres for few years and never had a problem. We even boarded them for a week when we went to florida to visit my son. Our cats are always treated very well when they are there. The doctors and the staff are excellent. I would recommend this animal hospital to anyone because they do there job and they care about your babies."
    Mary Ellen Monaco
  • "Best animal vet I’ve ever been too"
    Samantha Beth Vogel