Full Mouth Pet Extractions

As a pet owner in Middle Island, NY, you probably want your pet to maintain their teeth for better feeding and appearance. However, in some instances, a veterinarian on our veterinary team at Wooded Acres Animal Hospital may recommend full mouth pet extractions due to the following factors. 

Full Mouth Pet Extractions Periodontal Disease

Essentially, gum infection destroys the tissues that hold your pet's teeth in place. Once the disease sets in, cleaning the tartar and plaque from your pet's teeth may become challenging. As a result, the infection progresses, and your pet may eventually lose its teeth. If you're struggling with periodontal disease, a veterinarian on our veterinary team may recommend full mouth pet extractions. 

Orthodontic Abnormalities

You might notice that some of your pet's teeth are growing at different angles or not in line with the rest. This is usually a result of crowding, which can force the teeth to grow in abnormal positions. In severe cases, this may lead to misalignment, and the only way to set things right may be through full mouth pet extractions. Additionally, if your pet has an overbite or an underbite, it might be necessary to pull out some teeth to restore the right alignment. 

Resorptive Lesions

These lesions occur when the body starts breaking down the tooth enamel. Your pet's teeth become weak and might eventually fall off. A way to deal with such lesions is by having the affected teeth extracted before they cause further damage. You can remove all the teeth to help ensure your pet lives comfortably.

Oral Tumors

In some instances, your pet might develop tumors in the mouth, which can make eating and drinking quite tricky. The tumors can also interfere with the alignment of the teeth, and the only way to set things right may be through extraction. You might also have to remove all the teeth if the tumors are cancerous and might spread to other parts of the body.

Deciduous Teeth

Baby teeth are not meant to last forever, and they will have to be extracted at some point. This is usually the case with the canine teeth, which start falling off when the adult teeth come in. However, if any baby teeth fail to fall off, they might interfere with the alignment of the adult teeth. In such a case, the way out may be through full extraction. 

Get Full Mouth Pet Extractions from a Veterinarian on Our Veterinary Team

Wooded Acres Animal Hospital can be your animal hospital in Middle Island, NY. A veterinarian on our veterinary team is here to offer full mouth pet extractions as one of the strategic methods of preventing multiple health complications. We also provide additional pet services such as pet ear care, pet surgery, and senior pet management. Call us at (631) 205-0512 for professional pet care services.  


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