Arthritis In Pets

Treatment for Arthritis in Pets

Arthritis is a complex disease caused by joint inflammation and degeneration. It affects one or more joints in pets, which can result in pain and hinder their daily activities. Diagnosing arthritis involves a thorough physical examination, palpation to identify the regions of pain, and additional tests like X-rays to assess the extent of joint damage. When you visit Wooded Acres Anima Hospital in Manorville, NY, our veterinarians will examine your pet and provide treatment that can help with management and improve their quality of life. 


Factors that Cause Arthritis in Pets

Various factors contribute to the development and progression of OA in pets. Body conformation, condition or weight, abnormal joint development, activity history, injury history, orthopedic surgery, and nutritional history can all cause the disease. 

Signs and Symptoms

Pets exhibit a range of signs and symptoms when it comes to arthritis and and these may vary among animals. Common signs include difficulty in climbing stairs or jumping, sensitivity to touch in specific areas, reduced stamina during walks, and unexpected aggression. Recognizing these signs and seeking attention from our veterinarians is crucial for early treatment.

Treating Arthritis in Pets

While there is no cure for arthritis, effective management can greatly improve your pet's quality of life. Multimodal treatment approaches are typically utilized, combining various modalities to achieve the best results. 


Maintaining an optimal body condition through a prescribed diet is crucial. Our veterinarians may recommend a specific diet that helps with joint health and managing weight. Certain supplements, such as nutraceuticals, can also improve joints. 

Pain medications 

Non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) are often used for arthritis pain. Other medications like gabapentin may be prescribed to address chronic pain and complement NSAIDs.

Steps Owners Can Take

In addition to treatment from our veterinarians, there are simple that you can take to enhance your pet’s comfort and mobility. Providing soft and padded bedding, raised food and water dishes, non-skid surfaces, and ramps or steps for easier access can make a significant difference. Also, following instructions for medications and feeding is crucial.

Reducing Your Pet's Discomfort

With proper management, pets with arthritis can enjoy a normal life expectancy. However, their activity levels and play times may need to be reduced. Slow growth, maintaining a healthy weight, and regular light daily exercise can help prevent or delay the onset of arthritis. When you work with our veterinarians, we can create a plan that you can follow to keep your pet healthy.

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At Wooded Acres Animal Hospital in Manorville, NY, we offer a variety of treatment options to prevent arthritis from affecting your pet's quality of life. With the right treatment, your pet can enjoy each day without pain and discomfort. To schedule an appointment, call us at (631) 205-0512 today!


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